Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Newest Cousin!

There is nothing better than a new addition to a family. Unless it is a crazy sister in law, new additions are usually so much fun. The kids in our family are crazy about their newest "cousin" that lives with their grandparents.



This little Malti-poo has won the hearts of the kids. All you hear is "Hunney, Hunney, Hunney, come here, chase me here, your toy is over here". The kids love her already. And she is pretty darn cute. And it is really nice because we can get our little puppy fix, and go home, leaving the mess of housetraining to the owners!

The kids help wear Hunney out. Here Victoria is holding her while she is passed out from hours of fun!

Mackenzie keeps saying how she wants two dogs at her house. Um, no thanks. One that only I pay any attention to is plenty.

Bailey loves her too! As if we don't have a hard enough time getting him home from Grandma's house!

Puppy kisses!