Sunday, August 23, 2009

One week of 3rd grade down...

Many more to go! Bailey is really enjoying 3rd grade already. I know, it is early, but he likes the challenge and being more independent. His teacher called us to tell us what a wonderful kid he is. (She gets points for calling us with praise of our child after only 3 days of school!) If only he could be that good at home! He ended up not getting his #1 choice for a teacher, but so far he is happy with choice #2. She is young and is still super excited about her job which I love. Bailey has really had good teachers. I love his art teacher. Bailey is no artist and is well aware of this fact, but the art teacher has them do lots of different projects that don't necessarily require art talent. So the projects he brings home are actually quite eye catching. To me, a great teacher is one that inspires students to enjoy a subject even if it is one they don't necessarily like.

Mackenzie doesn't mind being home by herself. She enjoys having mommy to herself and getting to choose what show to watch on TV. She is always telling us though that "Bailey is my best friend!!" So cute.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More than a month

How time flies when you are having fun! I can't believe it has been a month since I have written anything. Oops. We were on vacation for two weeks in New Jersey, and the other two weeks I have been trying to adjust to being home! The summer has flown by quickly, and although I am sort of sad to see it go, I am happy Bailey will be back in school. He does well with a set schedule of things to do, and his summer schedule of tv watching and video game playing just isn't working. So back to school he goes on Monday! Right now he is having an end of the summer mini vacation with his Papa (my father in law) in Iowa watching the World of Outlaw racing. Glad I got to stay home for that one! They simply adore each other and it is so neat to see such a special relationship between the two of them. Friday is the Meet and Greet for Bailey's school where he will find out who his teacher is and who is in his class. I don't quite understand why they need to wait until the last minute to let the kids know who their teacher is going to be. Bailey is a planner and likes to know what is going to happen. He has a teacher in mind that he would like to have, and I am hoping for a friend or two in his class as well. Lucky me, I get to meet the teacher all by myself since he will still be in Iowa!

Hopefully soon I will get pictures of our trip on the computer and will post them. Right now Mackenzie is sick with what seems to be her monthly fever illness. I am hoping tomorrow she will be better!