Sunday, June 28, 2009

Because you have been patiently waiting

Here are a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment. I sort of got out of the habit of taking pictures, so a couple of these are so last month.

My cute little niece Lotus. She is getting so big!

Mackenzie modeling her underwear. She was doing pretty well potty training, but had an accident Friday night at Bailey's baseball game that has made me nervous. Tomorrow we will get back on it!

Her hair was so cute that night. I just wish she would wear a headband more often. Or at least leave it on like she did that night.

A picture I took with the automatic timer and a tripod. It would have worked better if there wasn't so much other stuff for the camera to focus on instead of us.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A River Runs Through It

Gotta love all of the rain that has been going on lately. I thought I wasn't going to have a back yard for awhile, but now it is back to normal. I am also very glad that we have never had any flooding problems in our house (knock on wood).
More pictures (this time of the kids) coming soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slightly Disturbing

Mackenzie and I went to the grocery store today. As we walked to the doors to enter the store, we had a small "welcoming" committee. A mouse greeted us, ran over to the outside wall, and climbed up the front of the store.

And yes, we continued to walk into the store and shop. Now if we had found that same mouse just 3 feet over inside the store, it might have been a different story.