Thursday, May 29, 2008

2nd Grade here I Come!!!

Yes, Bailey has a mowhawk. I think it looks sort of cool. Don't worry, it isn't permanent. I am planning on cutting it before we go to church on Sunday. But it is sort of fun to bug old people with it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yo Gabba What?

Sorry I have been MIA lately. For those wondering my FIL is doing well. To see him you wouldn't even know anything is wrong with him. Sadly, we know that something like this could happen again, and next time he might not be so lucky. But we are so grateful for the time that we do have with him, and having an idea of what the future could hold makes our time together so much more precious.

Anyway, on to my post title. Mackenzie is not a big TV fan. Which is a good thing for the most part. But there are moments when I would like to shower in peace without getting the whole bathroom wet in the process because she insists on opening the shower door. One day I was getting desparate for something to distract her because I just needed a few moments to myself. I flipped through the kids' channels and found Yo Gabba Gabba on Nickelodeon. Instantly, she was mesmerized! And I took a shower without hearing "hi, hi, hi" 100 times. And when I got out, she was still perched on the couch where I left her! I am a little worried though. Out of all the shows to watch, this one is a little strange. There is a guy who wears tights, glasses and a wig (he reminds me of Roj from the 70's show "What's Happening?") who has these toy monsters that come to life in a diarama. They do a lot of singing and dancing, and the monsters, whose names I haven't figured out quite yet, are bright and amusing. My favorite so far has been when the green monster tries to bite one of the other monsters, and they break into song about how you don't bite your friends. Funny huh?

I love having a DVR, because now whenever I need Yo Gabba Gabba to come to my rescue, I can turn on one of the episodes I have taped. Thank you Nickelodeon for giving me my sanity back!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My father in law is in the hospital. He has had a series of strokes today. Having kids, I have to stay home, where it is hard to feel "in the loop". Bailey is super close to him, but he isn't worried at all. He feels like he will be OK, and I hope he is right.

I love my own dad, but we aren't close. I haven't talked to him since August when I was there visiting. He isn't very talkative, but I know my mom fills him in on everything going on. But I am close to my father in law. He is truly like a dad to me. He does so much for me and truly cares about me. When someone gets really sick or hurt, you start to think whether they would know how much you care about them. I think my father in law knows I care, but I feel bad that I don't ever say "I love you" to him. It just feels awkward for me to say, since he isn't my dad. But I do love him. He is a wonderful Papa to my kids, and they adore him. He is always so willing to help our family and is a good listening ear. Of course he has his quirks, but I think anyone who knows him loves him as well.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Big 3-2

So it was my birthday on Saturday. I am now 32, which isn't a big deal, right? Except that I have been dreading this birthday for YEARS. Why would I dread this particular birthday? Well, when I was 16, my little brother was born. He was quite the surprise, and I felt too old for there to be a baby in the house. I always thought about when he would be 16, the same age I was when he was born, I would be 32. It seemed like he would never turn 16, so I would never turn 32.

Well, that day has arrived. He still has 2 months to go before he is 16, but here I sit at 32. The number that seemed too far away to ever come. That makes me feel OLD. So old that when I looked at myself in the mirror, all I could see was gray hair. So the night before my birthday I went and bought hair dye. I have been wanting to dye my hair a medium/dark brown for some time. I think girls who have dark hair and blue eyes are so pretty. So I wanted to try it out. $2.50 later, I have practically black hair. My husband was not a fan initially, but he likes it more and more. But I have a problem. I have these weird horizontal streaks where the color is fading already. Oh well. I really don't want to fry my hair by re-dying it again, so I will leave the streaks for "character". If you see me, just tell me you love my hair, whether you do or not. Please. I just turned 32 and I messed up my hair as if I was 16. I need an ego boost!