Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School's Out!

I find it so amazing that the older I get, the faster time goes by. When I was a kid the school year would drag on and on. Now that I have my own kids and observe other people's kids I can't believe how time flies. Maybe I am having more fun now.

Today was Bailey's last day of 2nd grade. Wow, how did that happen? Wasn't it just August and he was happy his best friend was in his class? Bailey agrees that the time has gone by quickly. We hope that he has advanced to the 3rd grade, but we haven't seen the paper that proves it. Report cards were supposed to come home yesterday, but Bailey's class didn't get theirs because of a "broken printer". Bailey tells a different story that the teacher (who has been subbing the last month since his real teacher had a baby) forgot to finish the grading. I don't think they will be offering her a full time position next year!

If I was a good mom, I would have taken a picture of him on his last day of school. I guess if I was a good mom I would have also been home when he got off the bus. In my defense, I was just a couple blocks away and it was a half day and I had gotten confused when school would be out (when I was a kid and we had a half day it just made the school day 2 hours shorter, not half as short). So he wasn't totally neglected.

In other news, the poor Neon is having AC problems. Not a good problem to have in the beginning of summer. Because the part to fix the AC is something like $700, Jared will have to sweat for a little bit. Sweating helps you lose weight, right? The Neon can't help it, it is 15 years old, but it needs to hold on for 17 more months. Please. I don't usually pray for inanimate objects, but I have prayed for that car. If the Spirit moves you, you could also pray for the Neon in its old age.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slacker (for good reason)

We were blessed with a visit from my mom and sister. Hooray!!! Bailey was in heaven with a constant baseball playmate in Aunt Adrienne, and Mackenzie loved the attention, on her own terms of course (she is quite a stinker, that one). They arrived May 2, and left yesterday. The kids are now bored, and I have to entertain once again. But I am not as fun as Grandmom and Aunt Adrienne! Here is a recap of our week:

First it was my birthday. Count them, there are 33 candles on that cake.

We were lucky enough to have tickets to the Cardinals/Phillies game. I used to be a huge Phillies fan, and still root for them. Exept when they play the Cards. Unfortunately we got beat, but it was still fun.

Next was the Butterfly House. Mackenzie is scared of bugs (she had a bad experience when one landed on her nose when she was on top of the slide), so she didn't have the most fun time inside. Wimp.

Outside was lots more fun for her.

And she absolutely loved the carosel. She tried to run on without paying, but I went and caught her.

One day we went to Grant's Farm. We let Mackenzie feed the goats. I made sure I picked a spot where there was one lone goat.

Hey, what is that dumb goat doing?

Excuse me, that isn't yours. And really, you shouldn't be hungry, you just eat all day long.

Um, Mom. A little help please.

Mackenzie is now all ready to get her driver's license. Grandmom gave good driving tips.

Aunt Adrienne always brings fun gifts. This time she brought water balloons. Good thing there was one day that was warm enough to use them!

I wonder who won?

One day they even went for a bike ride. Unfortunately Bailey took a little tumble, but recovered well.

Luckily Grandmom and Adrienne were able to catch one of Bailey's baseball games before they had to leave. Bailey struck out in this particular at bat.

And this picture turned out sort of cool even though he didn't make the best play.

But we were really proud that he hit a home run of sorts at his last at bat. Technically it was a double with a couple fielding errors, but it made us so proud anyway. Bailey loves baseball and usually tries his best.

Here are a couple of Mother's Day pictures.

I don't know why I can never get a good picture of the both of them at the same time. Actually this isn't the best picture that I took, but it is so hard to see with those darn thumbnail pictures.