Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Made it!

Safe and sound! No problems or incidences. It was actually one of the easier times we have traveled. All the worrying was for nothing!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I think I usually handle life pretty well. I mean, I have been very blessed to have a fairly smooth sailing life. Not too much drama or bad things happening (this would be the moment where my husband would say I was jinxing myself, but I don't believe in such things).

Right now, however, I am feeling stressed. I am flying with the two kids by myself tomorrow and I am nervous! Mackenzie has only flown once in her life, and she was 9 months old at the time. She did great. But now she is more stubborn and I am not sure how happy she will be to sit for 2 hours. Thank goodness it is just a 2 hour nonstop flight!! Bailey is a flying pro. But he can get airsick, and that makes me nervous.

I know I shouldn't be worried. It's not like worrying would change anything. But I have waited a long time for this trip and I really want to enjoy it, from start to finish.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Some pictures

Thought I would share some from the past week or so. I am still in the early learning stages of my camera. Although I have been offered my first photo "gig". A friend of mine heard I was getting a DSLR and asked me to take pictures of her kids. They are 13 and 11, so it shouldn't be super hard. So I am going to have to practice a lot in the upcoming weeks!

Now that I really look at them, I need a lot of work!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Thank goodness I am getting one next week. Just to visit family, but we are going to the beach for a week as well.

So why do I need a vacation? The last 3 days have just been crummy. Crabby children, early rising dogs, only making $42 at a garage sale are just a few of the things (but at least I made more than Melanie and Denae!! HA!) Yesterday we were picking up a cake for my MIL for her birthday at the grocery store. I had shopping to do, and by the time we were checking out, Mackenzie had had enough. She was screaming and I was holding her (she had spent too much time running around the store like a wild child while Bailey "watched" her). I had put all the food on the conveyer belt (is there another word for it?) and it was almost all the way full. There was a little spot for the cake, so I asked Bailey to hold it there so it wouldn't fall. What does he do? He decides to hold it above his head. I tell him to put it down, but does he listen? And can you guess what happened? Yes the cake fell on the ground. It was actually in really good condition considering it fell upside down and the lid was starting to come off. I was so frustrated with him because he continues to disobey me.

Today I had to pick Bailey up from summer school, and we were also picking up a friend who rides another bus. Bailey's bus arrived first, so he waited in the car with me for the other bus to come. When the bus came, he jumped out of the car and crossed the parking lot to get his friend. A van was coming, but I watched him stop for it and his continued to cross. No problem, right? Well, a man who works at the school came over to my car and told me to cross with him next time because he almost got hit by the van. Now, I was watching and from my viewpoint he didn't almost get hit by the van. If he did, don't you think his mother would almost have her heart jump into her throat? The man proceded to tell me that he is too little to be crossing the street by himself. I couldn't believe it. He will be 8 in the fall. I know he is small for his age, but he has to learn how to cross the street sometime. I understand his concern and everything, but at the same time it made me mad and embarrassed. The more I think about it, the more I think he probably just saw me as his babysitter and not his mother. As his mother, I am allowed to make choices for my child, like whether or not he can cross the street on his own or not. And maybe it wasn't the most correct choice, but it was my choice to make. He didn't get hurt, or even almost get hurt, so it is OK.

Yeah. So I am feeling like I just need a break from everything.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anyone want a dog?

There are some days when I would love to give my dog away. Like when she runs away for instance. As I have mentioned previously, I am not a morning person. So when the dog we are pet sitting for barks to go outside, I let our dog Snickers out as well. I completely forget that the gate did not get shut the night before. I was actually sitting outside thinking how nice it was to not have the dogs right under my feet wanting my attention at this way too early hour. It was after I went inside that I realized the gate was open and the dogs were gone. Wait, just one dog was gone. Mine. The dog we are watching obediently came when I called him. But Snickers? She thinks running away is some really fun game. The closer I get, the faster she runs. Brat. I was smart and picked up her leash before I went chasing after her. As I was chasing her, many thoughts ran through my head. I thought of all the positive things if Snickers was gone (no more gate in the kitchen, cleaner house, no worries about petsitters, save on dog food). But as those thoughts entered, I also thought of how sad the kids would be if Snickers was gone. She is good with them. So I said a little prayer of help me catch this dog please!!! There was a few times that I almost had her, but she is a quick little dog (she's a cockapoo and can be energetic). As I ran down the street, boobs bouncing because I was parolling the streets in my pajamas, I was starting to get downtrodden. We were approaching a busy street, and I thought for sure I would watch my dog get hit by a car. But thankfully, and angel appeared. Well, not really an angel. More like two dogs in their own fenced in yard. Snickers was so busy chasing these dogs up and down the fence that she didn't notice me and I was able to nab her. Mission accomplished, thank you prayer given. Of course the dumb dog had to poop on the way home, making me look like one of those owners who doesn't clean up after her dog.

All this before 6:30 am!! Gotta love it!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Stink

I thought I would be a great blogger. Ha. I guess I just realized how lazy I am. Typing can be so tedious at times. Someone needs to invent something that you attach to your head and you can think all the words that you want to type. I will say that I am glad that I took typing 1 and 2 in 9th grade. It is so much better than the hen pecking my husband does.

So school is out for the summer. Bailey is going to summer school. Here summer school is like day camp. The best part is how cheap it is. Only $30 for 2 classes in the morning for 4 weeks. What a steal! Plus he is having a great time. We walk up to the nearby school, which is a mile away so he can catch the bus to his school. I have felt really good with the attempt at exercise.

I got a new camera! It has been fun to play with! I ended up getting a Nikon D40. I saved up a bunch of credit card points and talked my husband into letting me use them for myself. I do need to hone my photo skills a bit. I noticed a few pictures I thought were in focus were not. Hmm, I hope this doesn't mean I need glasses or anything!!

My goal for this week is to blog at least 3 times. Help me make it!