Thursday, December 31, 2009


This year I haven't been in the Christmas spirit at all. Pregnancy has sapped most of the energy that I have for anything, and Christmas was included. The only decorations I put up were the tree and stockings, that was it. I have decided that 3 is the best age for Christmas. Mackenzie was so excited to see Santa and even told him she wanted a beautiful princess. Good thing Bailey had bought her a princess doll just a few days earlier, because Santa didn't know about this request until a few days before Christmas. She also thought that Santa would come to our house again the next day, so I had to explain that he needed time to rest before next Christmas. And in her prayers she thanks God for Santa and her presents. I was worried this year that Bailey's Christmas would seem sort of lame. He really didn't ask for very many things. He is pretty much a video games and sports kid. But he definitely wasn't lacking for gifts this year! We got him a personalized Cardinals jersey which he was very grateful for. He even gave me a hug when he said thank you!! My non Christmas spirit also showed in the lack of pictures. Oops. But here are a few that I did take.

Christmas Eve pictures in matching pj's.

Checking out the tree for the first time.

Opening stockings

Daddy actually gave gifts to the kids, and they loved what he got for them!

Definitely my favorite picture! She is giving him a hug thank you for her present.
Tinkerbell. Do you think she had chocolate for breakfast or what?
Here is a picture of me opening my big present (a pack n play for the baby). Although it wasn't the Dyson vacuum I dreamed of, I really wanted a smaller crib for the first few months, and this will do the job. This will probably the only picture I will be in until the baby is born, so enjoy (even though it is a horrible picture, but you can see the belly).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I need a T-Shirt that says:


It was rough at times, but after a few days of two kids sick at the same time and then a sick husband, I survived. And the best part is, I didn't get sick. I washed my hands like a crazy person, which I think did the trick. I would be very happy if this kind of sickness didn't come back for a long time. I would say ever again, but I am being realistic.

Totally on a different subject, for some reason tonight my cats are enamored with me. Especially my hands. They keep licking them and nipping them. And at one point today I had both of them in my lap at the same time. Definitely weird since I don't have much of a lap these days. Cats are strange animals.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I heard that someone out there (you know who you are) was complaining that they were tired of seeing Mackenzie's markered face on my blog and I needed to add something new. Somehow more than a month has gone by and I've posted nothing. But I do have a reason for that.

I am tired of complaining.

That is all I think about, complaints. Right now, my complaint is a lovely pain in my ribcage. I feel guilty about complaining. It is only the time of year that we should be thinking of all we are thankful for and should be joyful and happy. But I don't feel very thankful or joyful or happy. I should, because in the grand sceme of things I am very blessed and have very few real concerns of life. But it's hard when you feel fat and uncomfortable and know that there is 3 more months of fatness and uncomfortableness.

So since all I think about is complaints, it is also all I would write about. Does anyone really want to hear all of my complaints? And do I really want to go back and read all of my annoying complaints? Not really.

I have never enjoyed being pregnant before, but this time has been harder. Maybe because I am older, or maybe because I have a 3 year old who still wants to be carried around, but I am not enjoying the pain. Good thing at the end of all this I will have a baby to hold and love.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The reason why I lost the Mother of the Year Award

Mackenzie was coloring a picture not even 6 inches away from me, and this is what happens. She told me she was making herself a monster.

Good thing permanent marker isn't really permanent.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Yet another successful night of trick or treating has come and gone! I love 3 year olds, it seems like they really start to understand why stuff is fun! Mackenzie picked out her own costume this year. We were actually just walking around Target, not intending on buying a costume, when she saw the bumblebee costume and HAD to have it. She did think it would actually make her fly at first, but she became content just to buzz around!

Bailey's costume idea is compliments of Grandmom. Around here, why would there be a normal Chicago Cubs player walking around? Instead, a die hard Cardinal fan got to him first and beat him up. Bailey was especially excited about the fake blood.

This year we again went trick or treating with the kids' cousins, Victoria and Alyssa. 99% of the time they have fun together. The giant Kermit is Uncle Jason. He is the only one of the adults to dress up. My mom used to always dress up with us, but I guess the gene did not get passed on to me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a...........

Baby! Isn't he/she cute? I am a little biased, being the mother and all. So today I had the big 20 week ultrasound. We had decided we weren't going to find out this baby's gender, and I was very firm with that choice. Up until 2 days ago. With the opportunity there, I wanted to cave. I like to be prepared. I like to buy cute little clearance outfits. But it is hard to do when you don't know whether to buy pink butterflies and matching big and little sister outfits, or blue with trucks. But I stuck with our original plan and I have no clue whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

If you ask Mackenzie, she swears it is a girl. And that her name should be Gabriella. Not happening even if she is right. I am a little afraid she is going to be disappointed if the baby is a boy. At least I can say I had nothing to do with it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dear Blog,

I am so sorry I have neglected you lately. Just count yourself lucky. You are one of the many things I have been neglecting. I only have one good excuse, and even that one is pretty lame as far as an excuse goes. Being pregnant does not make me the most motivated person. Although lately I have had random bursts of energy, I do feel pretty sluggish. Almost like someone is sucking the life out of me.

Besides the lack of motivation (which is really just a nice way to say I have been a lazy bum), I also haven't been a very nice person lately. So I try to have limited contact with the outside world. Mackenzie's random fevers help me to achieve this since it forces me to stay home. I am also rediculously emotional. I was catching up on my DVR watching, and cried no less than 3 times. Over Dancing With the Stars! Come on, this is not your typical tear jerker show. I am just not myself, and really haven't been in a mood for the world (or my 5 readers) to see.

My life has really been incredibly boring. Making sure children are clean and fed are my main priorities. If those things are done, it has been a productive day. I do realize that I neglected to blog about Mackenzie's 3rd birthday, and have yet to post pictures of our summer vacation. Maybe some day I will have a strange burst of blogging energy and will update those things. Just don't count on it.

It might be different if I didn't read other people's blogs. People who are witty and who live exciting lives. I am dull and I feel like my attempts at humor fail. Maybe I would be a better blogger if I lived someone else's life. But then I might just have to leave my house.

So Blog, I am sorry. Will you forgive me? I know better than to make promises I can't keep, but I won't skip whole months of time again.

Your partner in crime,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One week of 3rd grade down...

Many more to go! Bailey is really enjoying 3rd grade already. I know, it is early, but he likes the challenge and being more independent. His teacher called us to tell us what a wonderful kid he is. (She gets points for calling us with praise of our child after only 3 days of school!) If only he could be that good at home! He ended up not getting his #1 choice for a teacher, but so far he is happy with choice #2. She is young and is still super excited about her job which I love. Bailey has really had good teachers. I love his art teacher. Bailey is no artist and is well aware of this fact, but the art teacher has them do lots of different projects that don't necessarily require art talent. So the projects he brings home are actually quite eye catching. To me, a great teacher is one that inspires students to enjoy a subject even if it is one they don't necessarily like.

Mackenzie doesn't mind being home by herself. She enjoys having mommy to herself and getting to choose what show to watch on TV. She is always telling us though that "Bailey is my best friend!!" So cute.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More than a month

How time flies when you are having fun! I can't believe it has been a month since I have written anything. Oops. We were on vacation for two weeks in New Jersey, and the other two weeks I have been trying to adjust to being home! The summer has flown by quickly, and although I am sort of sad to see it go, I am happy Bailey will be back in school. He does well with a set schedule of things to do, and his summer schedule of tv watching and video game playing just isn't working. So back to school he goes on Monday! Right now he is having an end of the summer mini vacation with his Papa (my father in law) in Iowa watching the World of Outlaw racing. Glad I got to stay home for that one! They simply adore each other and it is so neat to see such a special relationship between the two of them. Friday is the Meet and Greet for Bailey's school where he will find out who his teacher is and who is in his class. I don't quite understand why they need to wait until the last minute to let the kids know who their teacher is going to be. Bailey is a planner and likes to know what is going to happen. He has a teacher in mind that he would like to have, and I am hoping for a friend or two in his class as well. Lucky me, I get to meet the teacher all by myself since he will still be in Iowa!

Hopefully soon I will get pictures of our trip on the computer and will post them. Right now Mackenzie is sick with what seems to be her monthly fever illness. I am hoping tomorrow she will be better!

Friday, July 10, 2009


On the 4th of July, we had a dear friend of the family pass away. Our friend Kathren, whom we called Katie, passed away in her sleep, just as everyone would like to go. The thing is, she lived to be 104! I can't even imagine living to be that old. She lived a rich full life, although the last couple of years have been harder for her as her mobility diminished.

I was lucky enough to know her, and for her to love me. I met her when she was 94. Our first outing together was not very pleasant. I was having a rough time, and I was immature and didn't know how to deal with things in an adult way, so I was sure I had ruined any chance for Katie having a high opinion of me. Somehow I was wrong. I thought she had forgotten the incident, as I had tried to do, but she has reminded me quite a few times of our first meeting! She never forgot! Yet she looked past that first impression and got to know me and loved me for who I was.

My father in law took Katie for years to the hair dresser on Saturday mornings. After her appointment she would take him out to lunch. Sometimes my father in law would invite us to come along, and we would enjoy a wonderful lunch with Katie at her favorite restaurant. This restaurant went out of business, and a few others were tried, but it just wasn't the same. So she and my father in law started going to McDonald's! They always went through the drive through, which made it easy, but can you imagine a 100 year old lady going to McDonalds? Many times when my father in law was out of town I would take her to her hair appointment. I felt so honored to be helping someone out. We would park underneath a tree and eat our lunch and just freely talk. Even though Katie had trouble hearing and seeing, there were some days when I felt like she heard my every word.

She loved Bailey. She always loved to see him. I have a picture of him with her when he was 2 in his halloween costume. Mackenzie got her middle name from her. Katie never had children, but I wanted her legacy to live on somehow. She wasn't a perfect lady, she made mistakes and many times didn't mince words, but she was a good person and a good friend. We said goodbye to her today, but I know I will see her again.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Let's Go Cubs!!

So the spring baseball season is over! What seemed like a million rainouts and chilly weather in the beginning ended up being crazy hot in the end. The team ended up 5-7, which was about middle of the pack in their division. I think it is funny how little league has divisions. Bailey had so much fun playing. He is a baseball junkie. He is constantly playing, watching, or talking about baseball. He probably gets it from me.

Jared was head coach again this year. He only had two returning kids from the previous year, but the new bunch of kids were great! So many nice kids and great parent support. Jared fell in love with each kid, and would send personalized emails after almost every game to the kids mentioning what they did good in the game.

Here are some pictures from the final game of the season. But in August, fall ball will start up and we will be doing this all again!

I love how this picture turned out!

Bailey playing 2nd base. He played a lot of shortstop this year, but I think he is better at 2nd.

Bailey reaching first after a hit and being coached by Coach Scott. He's been great to Bailey!

Leading off, ready to run!

Team picture after winning the final game! (Bailey is the one hugging his teammate, if you couldn't pick him out. Actually there were a couple kids that I had trouble telling who was who with Bailey. Bad mom, I know)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Because you have been patiently waiting

Here are a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment. I sort of got out of the habit of taking pictures, so a couple of these are so last month.

My cute little niece Lotus. She is getting so big!

Mackenzie modeling her underwear. She was doing pretty well potty training, but had an accident Friday night at Bailey's baseball game that has made me nervous. Tomorrow we will get back on it!

Her hair was so cute that night. I just wish she would wear a headband more often. Or at least leave it on like she did that night.

A picture I took with the automatic timer and a tripod. It would have worked better if there wasn't so much other stuff for the camera to focus on instead of us.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A River Runs Through It

Gotta love all of the rain that has been going on lately. I thought I wasn't going to have a back yard for awhile, but now it is back to normal. I am also very glad that we have never had any flooding problems in our house (knock on wood).
More pictures (this time of the kids) coming soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slightly Disturbing

Mackenzie and I went to the grocery store today. As we walked to the doors to enter the store, we had a small "welcoming" committee. A mouse greeted us, ran over to the outside wall, and climbed up the front of the store.

And yes, we continued to walk into the store and shop. Now if we had found that same mouse just 3 feet over inside the store, it might have been a different story.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School's Out!

I find it so amazing that the older I get, the faster time goes by. When I was a kid the school year would drag on and on. Now that I have my own kids and observe other people's kids I can't believe how time flies. Maybe I am having more fun now.

Today was Bailey's last day of 2nd grade. Wow, how did that happen? Wasn't it just August and he was happy his best friend was in his class? Bailey agrees that the time has gone by quickly. We hope that he has advanced to the 3rd grade, but we haven't seen the paper that proves it. Report cards were supposed to come home yesterday, but Bailey's class didn't get theirs because of a "broken printer". Bailey tells a different story that the teacher (who has been subbing the last month since his real teacher had a baby) forgot to finish the grading. I don't think they will be offering her a full time position next year!

If I was a good mom, I would have taken a picture of him on his last day of school. I guess if I was a good mom I would have also been home when he got off the bus. In my defense, I was just a couple blocks away and it was a half day and I had gotten confused when school would be out (when I was a kid and we had a half day it just made the school day 2 hours shorter, not half as short). So he wasn't totally neglected.

In other news, the poor Neon is having AC problems. Not a good problem to have in the beginning of summer. Because the part to fix the AC is something like $700, Jared will have to sweat for a little bit. Sweating helps you lose weight, right? The Neon can't help it, it is 15 years old, but it needs to hold on for 17 more months. Please. I don't usually pray for inanimate objects, but I have prayed for that car. If the Spirit moves you, you could also pray for the Neon in its old age.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slacker (for good reason)

We were blessed with a visit from my mom and sister. Hooray!!! Bailey was in heaven with a constant baseball playmate in Aunt Adrienne, and Mackenzie loved the attention, on her own terms of course (she is quite a stinker, that one). They arrived May 2, and left yesterday. The kids are now bored, and I have to entertain once again. But I am not as fun as Grandmom and Aunt Adrienne! Here is a recap of our week:

First it was my birthday. Count them, there are 33 candles on that cake.

We were lucky enough to have tickets to the Cardinals/Phillies game. I used to be a huge Phillies fan, and still root for them. Exept when they play the Cards. Unfortunately we got beat, but it was still fun.

Next was the Butterfly House. Mackenzie is scared of bugs (she had a bad experience when one landed on her nose when she was on top of the slide), so she didn't have the most fun time inside. Wimp.

Outside was lots more fun for her.

And she absolutely loved the carosel. She tried to run on without paying, but I went and caught her.

One day we went to Grant's Farm. We let Mackenzie feed the goats. I made sure I picked a spot where there was one lone goat.

Hey, what is that dumb goat doing?

Excuse me, that isn't yours. And really, you shouldn't be hungry, you just eat all day long.

Um, Mom. A little help please.

Mackenzie is now all ready to get her driver's license. Grandmom gave good driving tips.

Aunt Adrienne always brings fun gifts. This time she brought water balloons. Good thing there was one day that was warm enough to use them!

I wonder who won?

One day they even went for a bike ride. Unfortunately Bailey took a little tumble, but recovered well.

Luckily Grandmom and Adrienne were able to catch one of Bailey's baseball games before they had to leave. Bailey struck out in this particular at bat.

And this picture turned out sort of cool even though he didn't make the best play.

But we were really proud that he hit a home run of sorts at his last at bat. Technically it was a double with a couple fielding errors, but it made us so proud anyway. Bailey loves baseball and usually tries his best.

Here are a couple of Mother's Day pictures.

I don't know why I can never get a good picture of the both of them at the same time. Actually this isn't the best picture that I took, but it is so hard to see with those darn thumbnail pictures.