Monday, November 9, 2009

The reason why I lost the Mother of the Year Award

Mackenzie was coloring a picture not even 6 inches away from me, and this is what happens. She told me she was making herself a monster.

Good thing permanent marker isn't really permanent.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Yet another successful night of trick or treating has come and gone! I love 3 year olds, it seems like they really start to understand why stuff is fun! Mackenzie picked out her own costume this year. We were actually just walking around Target, not intending on buying a costume, when she saw the bumblebee costume and HAD to have it. She did think it would actually make her fly at first, but she became content just to buzz around!

Bailey's costume idea is compliments of Grandmom. Around here, why would there be a normal Chicago Cubs player walking around? Instead, a die hard Cardinal fan got to him first and beat him up. Bailey was especially excited about the fake blood.

This year we again went trick or treating with the kids' cousins, Victoria and Alyssa. 99% of the time they have fun together. The giant Kermit is Uncle Jason. He is the only one of the adults to dress up. My mom used to always dress up with us, but I guess the gene did not get passed on to me.