Friday, July 10, 2009


On the 4th of July, we had a dear friend of the family pass away. Our friend Kathren, whom we called Katie, passed away in her sleep, just as everyone would like to go. The thing is, she lived to be 104! I can't even imagine living to be that old. She lived a rich full life, although the last couple of years have been harder for her as her mobility diminished.

I was lucky enough to know her, and for her to love me. I met her when she was 94. Our first outing together was not very pleasant. I was having a rough time, and I was immature and didn't know how to deal with things in an adult way, so I was sure I had ruined any chance for Katie having a high opinion of me. Somehow I was wrong. I thought she had forgotten the incident, as I had tried to do, but she has reminded me quite a few times of our first meeting! She never forgot! Yet she looked past that first impression and got to know me and loved me for who I was.

My father in law took Katie for years to the hair dresser on Saturday mornings. After her appointment she would take him out to lunch. Sometimes my father in law would invite us to come along, and we would enjoy a wonderful lunch with Katie at her favorite restaurant. This restaurant went out of business, and a few others were tried, but it just wasn't the same. So she and my father in law started going to McDonald's! They always went through the drive through, which made it easy, but can you imagine a 100 year old lady going to McDonalds? Many times when my father in law was out of town I would take her to her hair appointment. I felt so honored to be helping someone out. We would park underneath a tree and eat our lunch and just freely talk. Even though Katie had trouble hearing and seeing, there were some days when I felt like she heard my every word.

She loved Bailey. She always loved to see him. I have a picture of him with her when he was 2 in his halloween costume. Mackenzie got her middle name from her. Katie never had children, but I wanted her legacy to live on somehow. She wasn't a perfect lady, she made mistakes and many times didn't mince words, but she was a good person and a good friend. We said goodbye to her today, but I know I will see her again.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Let's Go Cubs!!

So the spring baseball season is over! What seemed like a million rainouts and chilly weather in the beginning ended up being crazy hot in the end. The team ended up 5-7, which was about middle of the pack in their division. I think it is funny how little league has divisions. Bailey had so much fun playing. He is a baseball junkie. He is constantly playing, watching, or talking about baseball. He probably gets it from me.

Jared was head coach again this year. He only had two returning kids from the previous year, but the new bunch of kids were great! So many nice kids and great parent support. Jared fell in love with each kid, and would send personalized emails after almost every game to the kids mentioning what they did good in the game.

Here are some pictures from the final game of the season. But in August, fall ball will start up and we will be doing this all again!

I love how this picture turned out!

Bailey playing 2nd base. He played a lot of shortstop this year, but I think he is better at 2nd.

Bailey reaching first after a hit and being coached by Coach Scott. He's been great to Bailey!

Leading off, ready to run!

Team picture after winning the final game! (Bailey is the one hugging his teammate, if you couldn't pick him out. Actually there were a couple kids that I had trouble telling who was who with Bailey. Bad mom, I know)