Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still Alive

I am a lazy slacker with lots of excuses, one of them being I have 3 children at home all the time now! But I have been wanting to share pictures of Grayson. He is growing so much and has seriously captured my heart. He is about 10 days shy of being 4 months old (no! time needs to stop!). He is content most of the time, and crying usually just happens because of hunger or being tired. He could be a better sleeper at night, but at least I can handle lack of sleep.Enjoy some pictures of the last 6 weeks of Grayson!

This is how we get around! (I can tell this is before the humidity came because of Mackenzie's hair!)

Reading time!

Three months old. He loves his burp cloths as blankies!

All decked out for church

First time swimming for the summer!