Monday, January 19, 2009

Tooting my own horn

I think that phrase is so funny. Just the idea of tooting someone else's horn is gross. Spit in a musical instrument that is your own is gross enough, but someone else's? No thanks.

I digress. I have been knitting about a year now, and I had a baby shower to go to last week, so I decided to make a little hat. It was the first hat that I have made that actually turned out to be sort of newborn size. I am bad at sizing! Although it is far from perfect, I think it turned out pretty cute, and the mother to be seemed to really like it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

It has been almost a month since I have blogged. I wish I could say it is because I have been extra busy with the holidays and all. That isn't really the case. Closer to the truth is my husband has discovered Facebook and now intrudes on my nightly computer time, a time when I would frequently blog. The real truth is I didn't feel like writing about a great Christmas and happy new year and resolutions and all that. Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful Christmas, probably one of the best we've had as a family. But I just wasn't in the mood to write about it. Or post pictures, especially since the camera memory card has a new residence inside the digital photo frame I got for Christmas, since I can't figure out how to put pictures on the frame without the card. I need to read the directions. Fun.

Kids are doing well. Bailey's back at school. It's hard to believe the school year is about half over. He is busy with scouts and piano and awaiting baseball to start in the spring (with dad as coach again). Mackenzie is still "potty learning", slowly. I will be happy when we go a whole day without an accident. She is really good at holding it when we are out and about, so I think that is a good sign. She just forgets to actually go to the potty to pee. I am trying my hardest to be patient, which I am 99% of the time. Naptime isn't going well. In fact, she has been in her crib for 1 1/2 hours and hasn't fallen asleep. No screaming, just a lot of jumping in the crib. This isn't child torture is it? I just really need there to still be naptime. Mackenzie is a busy child and still gets into things she shouldn't. I need that little time to myself. Selfish? Yes. But it helps me be a better mom. Or so I tell myself.

The weather this winter hasn't been too bad. Yet. But I am already counting down the days until spring. Life just seems so much happier when birds are chirping and the grass is green. And any day you can wear flip flops outside without the potential for frost bite is a good day.

My sort of resolution for 2009 is to not sweat the small stuff. I don't want to get upset about things that aren't going to matter in the long run, to get mad at the kids about things that aren't a big deal, to just be a more easygoing person. Go with the flow and be happy with whatever life has in store for me. Because this life is about learning and growing and becoming the best me I can be (as corny as that sounds). Although I hate it when life is hard, I know it is for my own good and I will be better and stronger because of it.