Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phighting Phils!

My first true love is baseball. Yes, I will admit it. It is the best! Now I understand how it is boring to some people, but not to me. I have even listened to countless games on the radio. When I was 15 I really got interested in the Philadelphia Phillies. I watched games all the time and was a big fan of all the players. Baseball helped keep my mind off the fact that my life was boring and I didn't have many friends. Baseball was my friend and kept me entertained 162 games a year. This particular year (1992 to be exact) the Phillies stunk, and weren't very popular, so we had a lot in common.

1993 is when I really got crazy. The Phillies were good, and that made me happy. I also had a huge, huge crush on one of the players. I had many fantasies of him falling in love with me. There was an 11 1/2 year age difference (and 2 weeks, if you want to know the exact difference) but I didn't care. There was no boys at my school who would even look twice at me, and at least that baseball player couldn't break my heart because we would never meet.

In 1993 the Phillies went to the World Series. It was huge! The stuff dreams were made of. We were so close to winning, but my crush ended up losing the Series for the team. I was so sad. I did cry tears of sadness over baseball! I also found out that my crush was getting married in the winter, so that also broke my heart.

Life was hard for awhile, but I was able to move on. But I still love baseball. Now that I live in St Louis, the Cardinals are my favorite team. But the Phillies will always be the team I cheer for. The Phillies and I have history. First true loves never fade away, at least not for me.

This postseason the Cardinals didn't make it in, but the Phillies did. So I did what I always do, cheer for the Phils. Bailey joined me, and now says the Phillies are his favorite team. And tonight I saw them win the World Series!! Ah, the joy! It has been a long time coming, 28 years since the last time the Phillies won the World Series. Although I wish it could have happened in 1993, I am happy for my Phillies, for they will always have a piece of my heart!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bailey's Special Day!

In our church, we baptize children when they turn 8. We baptize by immersion, like Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist. Ever since the doctor laid Bailey in my arms, I thought about how it would be when he was 8 and would be baptized and officially a member of our church.

Today, that day arrived. It seemed unreal that my little boy, my baby, could actually be old enough to be baptized. It was a wonderful experience for him. Bailey had so many friends and family come to see him be baptized. That made me realize how special Bailey is. We had 4 month old babies there and a 104 year old friend there. All to show their love and support for my son. What more could warm a mother's heart?

The only thing that went "wrong" was I had a picture slideshow that I had spent hours working on, and I couldn't get it to copy onto the DVD right so I could show it. That is what happens when I am barely computer literate.

My church means so much to me. My Savior means so much to me. To see Bailey begin to go down the road that leads to happiness in life makes me so happy as well. Even when life is tough, I know that God knows me and loves me and can help me through the tough times. He has so many times already, and I am sure He will do it again!

Bailey, I hope you will remember the day you were baptized as a special day. You are so loved, and I am proud of you for who you are!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Bailey!!!!

I can't believe I have an 8 year old! How the time has flown by! There are times I still think of him as a little kid, but he's growing up!

Bailey has been such a wonderful blessing to our lives and to the lives of many others. I didn't feel ready to have a baby when I was pregnant with Bailey. I thought I would finish school and get a "real" job and support Jared while he finished school and then think about having children, but God had other plans for us. And I am so glad he did! I remember holding Bailey in my arms for the first time, knowing my life had changed forever. Once a mother, always a mother, and he is the one who made me a mother.

I just love him dearly. He is so special, and I just feel that he will do great things with his life. I love how much he loves his little sister. He has told me a few times that he wants our family to have another baby girl someday! I am so proud that he is my son, and I hope this year of his life I can be a better mother to him!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nanny, I love you!

My mom's mom we called Nanny. We were close from the beginning, although she hated my name, at least at first. There was a cat down the street named Samantha, so I guess she didn't find it to be an appropriate granddaughter name. She babysat me while my mom worked. Nanny lived in town where there were sidewalks and next door neighbors (we didn't have either), but she had a huge backyard with a metal swingset just for the grandkids. She also had air conditioning (the window kind, but it still worked great compared to no AC at home) and cable. Oh, how we loved to watch Nanny's cable tv! Nickelodeon and game show reruns (before the days of the game show network!). Nanny would always play games with me, like Dominoes or cards. She had this game Triominoes that were little triangle dominoes. I won EVERY game I played against her! I loved spending the night at Nanny's. Her bathroom smelled so good and she always had lots of bubble bath and lotion. Many summer evenings we would go and get an ice cream cone (custard).

Nanny's birthday was 2 days after mine, so we always shared a party. She didn't mind. I always felt special to her. I remember around Christmas when Nanny (and Grandpop too) would put bags and bags of presents into our car. Now I know that you can't buy love, but I'm one of those people where gifts make me feel extra special. When I didn't get along with my family, I would envision myself running away to live with Nanny.

Many summer vacations were spent at the beach with her and Grandpop. It doesn't feel like a real vacation to me if extended family isn't around. Going to the beach during the day and playing board games at night. A few times I went with Nanny and Grandpop up to my aunt's in Vermont. One particular time I can remember is we stayed at a motel (I think it was either a Howard Johnson's or Holiday Inn). I hadn't stayed at a motel often, not like Bailey has! The motel was having hot air balloon rides. Although we didn't go for a ride, I had never been that close to a hot air balloon and I took half a roll of film of this balloon.

When I was in high school, I spent the week at Nanny's house. I don't think we had big plans to do anything. I just loved spending time with them. One of the nights I was there Nanny woke me at 1 in the morning. Grandpop had fallen and couldn't speak and so an ambulance was called. I was so scared, but I was glad to be there, that way Nanny wasn't alone. Over the next month while Grandpop was in the hospital recovering from a stroke, I stayed with Nanny often so she wouldn't be lonely. A few months after Grandpop came home, he had another stroke in the middle of the night, and I happened to be there again. He passed away the next year, and I really felt like Nanny and I were close.

Nanny would always send cards for holidays, even when I was in college, and once I had kids she would send cards to them. When I moved away from NJ, I called Nanny often, and she called me. I tried to send her pictures of Bailey, and she would always call me to thank me for them. I NEVER doubted her love for me. When I was a kid and felt like my parents didn't love me, I knew that Nanny did.

About 2 years before Mackenzie was born, Nanny started to not be herself. Her cousin who was like a sister to her died in a car accident which made Nanny afraid to drive (Nanny didn't even learn to drive until she was 35!). She had trouble remembering things, and we worried about dementia. The doctor said she was OK. When Mackenzie was born, Nanny was the first member of my family that I was able to talk to. It was the last time I talked to her. 3 weeks exactly after Mackenzie's birth, Nanny passed away. October 18, 2006.

This is why I write of my Nanny today. I still miss her terribly, even after 2 years. I didn't get to go to her funeral because we live far away and Mackenzie was a newborn. I wish I could have gone. Maybe I wouldn't miss her so much if I had gotten a chance to say goodbye, since her passing was a surprise. Every time I see an older lady with gray/white permed hair, I think of Nanny. Birdfeeders make me think of her, since she loved birds. I am sad she never got to hold Mackenzie, although she did see pictures.

Nanny, I love you. I hope you are happy. I am. I have faith that we will see each other again. Please come visit me in my dreams again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life as a mom

One puking child - one husband away for business = a mom who is sick of doing laundry and getting puked on

Don't husbands always pick the best times to be away? OK, so he didn't pick this time to go away, he didn't have a choice. But the timing ended up good for him! Not so good for me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hi. Did you miss me?

Sorry about the blogging break. I was just super busy and didn't have the energy to post anything. Plus I am sure you did not want to hear how busy I felt and how I was a single parent most of the time. Still busy working at the in law's other house to get it ready to sell. My husband has been out of town a bunch lately for work, and when he was home he was working late. Mackenzie is still loving the movie Pollyanna. Bailey is awaiting his 8th birthday, which is next week.

****Just a pause in my train of thought, I put Mackenzie to bed almost an hour ago and she is still awake, talking and playing. As long as she is happy, I don't care what she is doing. Wait, I don't really mean that. But I do hope she will go to bed soon so she can wake up at 7 so we can take Bailey to school.*****

Where was I? Oh, I think I was boring everyone with details of what has been going on at my house. Well, for one thing, it is dirty. I haven't had the energy for cleaning. Maybe next week.

Today is my father in law's birthday. He is old. But he is great, even when he isn't perfect.

*****Sorry, interrupting again. The happy noises from the crib don't sound so happy. It sounds like she is calling Daddy. That is funny. Last week Daddy put her to bed, and he got her out of her crib 10 minutes later because she was in there playing. So she now knows he is the sucker to call for to attempt to get out. She doesn't realize Daddy isn't coming home tonight!*****

Well, hopefully in the next few days I will find something semi-interesting to blog about. Maybe.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Ever feel like you have too much going on and zero energy to do anything? Yeah, I am having one of those days. My house is messy, the kids are out of control and I just don't have the energy to deal with it at the moment. Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday. I am just going to have a relaxing day. No worries about anything. Spend time with the kids and show them I love them. Be outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Be spiritually edified with church. And just not stress. Here's hoping my great plan of relaxing works!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Have you ever played the Glad Game or had a fear of falling from a tree to get to your 3rd floor attic bedroom? Then you must have watched Pollyanna as a kid. In the past 2 weeks I have listened to Pollyanna at least 5 times, if not more. I have the whole thing memorized, almost. This is because it is now Mackenzie's favorite movie. That's right, it is a 2 year old's favorite movie!!! I don't understand what the appeal is to her. But she sits down for almost the whole 2 hours. Usually she takes a few breaks, but I can't believe how much she is mesmerized by this movie!!

It has been a tremendous help to me. I have been helping my in laws get a house ready to sell, so I have been doing a lot of painting and wallpaper scraping and many other backbreaking jobs. In a house that is practically empty there isn't much for a 2 year old to do. My mother in law brought over a tv that has a vcr attached. I don't have many vcr tapes, but MIL brought over some of what she had. We thought Mackenzie would be interested in 101 Dalmations since she loves dogs. Nope. Scooby doo? Forget it. Bailey put in Pollyanna and there was silence for the first 30 minutes!! Finally, I could get things done!!

I think I might need to get a copy for myself. Only on dvd this time!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Timer

I've been tagged! Don't worry, I won't tag anyone! Here it goes:

5 fears, 5 joys, 5 obsessions/collections, 5 surprising facts about you. Tag 5 people.

5 fears:

The typical one: my family dying. Especially the kids dying in their sleep. I always worry when they sleep in!

Calling people on the phone

Crying uncontrollably in front of a big group of people

Having no money

Losing my wallet

5 joys:
My kiddos

My husband

Getting a good deal

Being at the beach

My cats when I am sad, they always seem to know!

5 obsessions/collections:


Going to Walgreens and Target

The darn internet

Cool TV shows like The Hills and America's Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars

I collect the US state quarters. I think I need 7 more for all 50 states!

5 surprising facts:

I am a pack rat, but I also purge my pack. So it is hard to tell that I am a pack rat. There are things that I wish I hadn't thrown away, though.

I was in the marching band in high school. I played the flute. I sucked.

I grew up on a farm in Southern New Jersey. When I went away to college at BYU, I was made fun of (in a playful way, of course) for having an accent. I had NO idea that I had an accent, and worked hard to get rid of it. Now I pretty much have a non-accent, and no one can tell that I spent the first 20 years of my life in NJ.

My husband and I eloped after only knowing each other for 2 months. And 9 1/2 years later we are still together. I would not recommend it to ANYONE. We are the lucky ones.

When I was 2, I had an operation on my hip (I had hip dysplasia). I was in a body cast for 6 weeks and had braces on my legs for awhile. Because of this, I was in a special gym class in school with a boy in my grade who was in a wheelchair. My family still jokes about me being in "dumb gym". This is the reason why I never tried out for sports.