Friday, March 26, 2010


Because Grayson was born in February, today he is 4 weeks old along with being one month old. How the time just flies! I was trying to decide if a month old is still a newborn, I think so, even though he doesn't feel new to me he is still new to almost everyone else.

The kids are still crazy about him. They both have to hold him at least once a day. They are both a great help when I need someone to make him happy for a minute or throw away a diaper or just get me something because I seem to be tied to the couch permanently.

Grayson is a great baby. That is, if you are someone who doesn't need much sleep. He will only sleep for an hour or two at a time at night, and many times it will take him awhile to fall back to sleep. A three hour block of sleep sounds amazing to me right now! Grayson loves to lay on a blanket on the floor and just look around. He will be happy doing that for 45 minutes! He isn't crazy about the swing or the carseat. I just love him so much already.

Speaking of sleep depravation, the other night was a rough one. I had been up with him for 2 hours, and every time I thought he was asleep he would wake up 5 minutes later. It was very frustrating, and I was so tired. I fed him, then put him to my shoulder to burp him and I fell asleep. The next thing I know he wasn't in my arms anymore. He was on the bed and quickly sliding to the floor. Luckily the pack and play is right next to the bed and slowed him down so I was able to catch him. It did scare me to death though. Grayson was unfazed, fast asleep. That is, until I put him down a minute later. Sigh.

Here are some pictures. They are in chronological order, just how I like them.

Praying he will survive living in this household

First bath, he really likes his bath if he isn't hungry.

I think he was either one week or two weeks when I took this picture.

Captured a smile. isn't it funny?

Big sister always has to hold him!

He really loves laying on the floor!

There's that old man worried look again!

Big brother and me

One Month Old!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Love

Our little guy Grayson Jon was born February 26, 2010! We just love him to pieces! Bailey has been a great big brother and is happy that the boys now outnumber the girls! He is also hoping Grayson has blue eyes like him (I am hoping as well, so far we still have a chance!). Mackenzie is also doing great with the adjustment. She hasn't been jealous at all or acted out. She was sick during his first week at home which was really tough. I wanted to comfort her and hold her, but just couldn't risk Grayson getting sick. She still has a cold so I have to keep her away a little. She has been funny because she will tell me what Grayson is "saying" (even though he is quiet). Like in the car she will tell me that Grayson doesn't like that song so that I change the station.

Here is the story of his birth:

On Thursday Feb 25 I went to the dr. I was in a lot of pelvic pain that day, it hurt to walk and to get in and out of the car, so I was feeling pretty miserable. The dr checked me and I was 4 cm again, no change from the last time. The only advice she had for me was to walk, which being in pain I really didn't feel like doing. Plus it was freezing outside. So I ran a bunch of errands, although I didn't get everything done I wanted to. That night we went to Walmart to walk around. My children were being little hellions, so we were only there 45 minutes.

That night I woke up at 4 and thought my water may have broken. I figured I would wait to see if I had any contractions, but I didn't, so I went back to sleep. I got up at 6 and was fairly confident that my water had broken, but I still didn't have any contractions. So we called the dr who told us to go to the hospital. I had to act like nothing was wrong to Bailey. I wanted him to go to school because I figured there was nothing to do here but wait. So I sent him off without him having a clue! We dropped Mackenzie off at my inlaw's house and she had a really hard time with us leaving. That broke my heart! So we got to the hospital about 8 and confirmed that my water had indeed broken. At around 10 they started me on pitocin because I still wasn't having any sort of significant contractions, and I was still at about 4 1/2 cm. 12 o'clock rolled around, and still not much was going on. Lucky for me my absolute favorite movie was on tv, Ferris Beuller's Day Off. So we watched that for 2 hours and it made the time go by quickly. At around 2, I had a sudden pain, and from then on I had real contractions. The anestesiologist came in, and she was the nicest lady!! She was making jokes and was so friendly, and wasn't like "don't move even though you are in the worst pain of your life"! That was the guy we had when Mackenzie was born. Unfortunately the epidural didn't take all the way. There was a circle of pain still on my left side that I really had to breathe and concentrate through. They were trying to fix all of that when we discovered that I was fully dialated and the baby's head was right there. I was trying not to freak out, because I didn't have a whole lot of control over what was going on down there and didn't want to accidentally push the baby out without anyone there to catch it! I had to wait a little while for my doctor to get there, maybe 1/2 an hour. She finally got there, got ready, and in less than 10 minutes Grayson was born. We were so shocked he was a boy! And everyone I have talked to thought I was having a girl. But we are happy that he is here and healthy. He is sort of a crummy nurser, but he is getting better at it every day.

I hate every day that goes by because that means he is getting bigger and older. I am enjoying every moment with him. Well, almost every moment. Those middle of the night refusals to go back to sleep are tough, but I know they don't last forever.
Whoops, the pictures are backwards. Sorry!