Thursday, December 31, 2009


This year I haven't been in the Christmas spirit at all. Pregnancy has sapped most of the energy that I have for anything, and Christmas was included. The only decorations I put up were the tree and stockings, that was it. I have decided that 3 is the best age for Christmas. Mackenzie was so excited to see Santa and even told him she wanted a beautiful princess. Good thing Bailey had bought her a princess doll just a few days earlier, because Santa didn't know about this request until a few days before Christmas. She also thought that Santa would come to our house again the next day, so I had to explain that he needed time to rest before next Christmas. And in her prayers she thanks God for Santa and her presents. I was worried this year that Bailey's Christmas would seem sort of lame. He really didn't ask for very many things. He is pretty much a video games and sports kid. But he definitely wasn't lacking for gifts this year! We got him a personalized Cardinals jersey which he was very grateful for. He even gave me a hug when he said thank you!! My non Christmas spirit also showed in the lack of pictures. Oops. But here are a few that I did take.

Christmas Eve pictures in matching pj's.

Checking out the tree for the first time.

Opening stockings

Daddy actually gave gifts to the kids, and they loved what he got for them!

Definitely my favorite picture! She is giving him a hug thank you for her present.
Tinkerbell. Do you think she had chocolate for breakfast or what?
Here is a picture of me opening my big present (a pack n play for the baby). Although it wasn't the Dyson vacuum I dreamed of, I really wanted a smaller crib for the first few months, and this will do the job. This will probably the only picture I will be in until the baby is born, so enjoy (even though it is a horrible picture, but you can see the belly).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I need a T-Shirt that says:


It was rough at times, but after a few days of two kids sick at the same time and then a sick husband, I survived. And the best part is, I didn't get sick. I washed my hands like a crazy person, which I think did the trick. I would be very happy if this kind of sickness didn't come back for a long time. I would say ever again, but I am being realistic.

Totally on a different subject, for some reason tonight my cats are enamored with me. Especially my hands. They keep licking them and nipping them. And at one point today I had both of them in my lap at the same time. Definitely weird since I don't have much of a lap these days. Cats are strange animals.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I heard that someone out there (you know who you are) was complaining that they were tired of seeing Mackenzie's markered face on my blog and I needed to add something new. Somehow more than a month has gone by and I've posted nothing. But I do have a reason for that.

I am tired of complaining.

That is all I think about, complaints. Right now, my complaint is a lovely pain in my ribcage. I feel guilty about complaining. It is only the time of year that we should be thinking of all we are thankful for and should be joyful and happy. But I don't feel very thankful or joyful or happy. I should, because in the grand sceme of things I am very blessed and have very few real concerns of life. But it's hard when you feel fat and uncomfortable and know that there is 3 more months of fatness and uncomfortableness.

So since all I think about is complaints, it is also all I would write about. Does anyone really want to hear all of my complaints? And do I really want to go back and read all of my annoying complaints? Not really.

I have never enjoyed being pregnant before, but this time has been harder. Maybe because I am older, or maybe because I have a 3 year old who still wants to be carried around, but I am not enjoying the pain. Good thing at the end of all this I will have a baby to hold and love.